General Info

We’re Back!  Welcome to ROF 2022

The entry link to use from 0930hrs on Thursday 1st July is

This is one beast of an event!
Not only is the Ring of Fire back but it is combined with four classic Tussock Traverse distance offerings.
This information shows a general overview of the Ring of Fire event.
For specific detail on the respective distances please see the Distances tab & select your chosen distance.

2022 Distance Options

Ring of Fire 73km Volcanic Ultra Run – Round Ruapehu
Ring of Fire 50km Run
Tussock Traverse 32km Run/Walk

Tussock Traverse 21km Run/Walk
Tussock Traverse 12km / 6km Run/Walk 

2022 DRAFT Schedule of Events

Friday Key Timelines:
11.00am to 12.30pm – Powhiri (Welcome) from Ngati Nikairo @ Otukou Marae
2.00pm to 8.00pm –  Compulsory pre race registration open @ Chateau Tongariro

Saturday Event Start Times:

Saturday Event Finishers:

The Chateau Tongariro is the place to be to welcome all entrants home on event day.
We have finishers from 9.45am right through to 11.00pm (see below)

Sunday Key Timelines:
10.00am to 11.00am – Event prizegiving and farewell @ Chateau Tongariro

(Please see the Distances tab & select your chosen distance to show an expanded event timeline for your distance)

2022 Entry Link:

The entry link to use from 0930hrs on Thursday 1st July is

Pleease Note: There is a strict limit of entrants that will be accepted across all distances, due to the conditions of our DOC concession,  so please enter your preferred distance early to avoid disappointment.  We will advise if, or when nearly full in each of the event offerings.

2022 Pricing Structure:

Entry Periods (All Distances):
A – Super Early Bird (Opening Week – 1 to 7 July 2021)
B – Early Bird (8 July to 31 October 2021)
C – Standard (November to 20 February 2022)
D – Late (21 February to 11 March 2022)
*A 3.2% credit card surcharge will be added to all entry fee and merchandise transactions. This surcharge will be presented as a % being added to all transactions.

Ring of Fire 73km Volcanic Ultra Entry
A- $419,  B-$459,  C-$479,  D-$499

Ring of Fire 50km Entry * does not include transport (as it’s optional)
A- $269,  B-$289,  C-$309,  D-$329

Ring Of Fire Distance Entry Notes: 
Ring Of Fire 73km participants will receive an event gift, a customised finisher medal and a ROF ring in a presenter box. Ring Of Fire 50km participants will receive an event gift and a customised finisher medal. Victory Events will also collaborate with Project Tongariro to plant a native tree in the region for ROF participants who opt not to receive a finisher medal.

Tussock Traverse 32km Entry *incl. compulsory event transport
A- $179,  B-$189,  C-$199,  D-$209

Tussock Traverse 21km Entry *incl. compulsory event transport
A- $159,  B-$169,  C-$179,  D-$189

Tussock Traverse 12km Entry
A- $69,  B-$79,  C-$84,  D-$89

Tussock Traverse 6km Entry
A- $39,  B-$44,  C-$49,  D-$54

Tussock Traverse 6km Family Entry (2 adults & 2 children under 13, or 1 adult & 3 children under 13)
A- $117,  B-$132,  C-$147,  D-$162

Tussock Traverse Distance Entry Notes: 
All participants in Tussock Traverse events will receive an event gift and a customised finisher medal. At the time of entering if they opt not to receive a medal at the event, Victory Events will collaborate with Project Tongariro to plant a native tree in the region instead.

The entry link to use from 0930hrs on Thursday 1st July is

Refund/Transfer Policy plus Force Majeure/Cancellation Policy

ROF 2022 Event Refund & Transfers PolicyFINAL

What You Need To Know Regardless Of Distance

  • This event absolutely rocks!
  • Courses traverse very rugged alpine terrain in an environment that is incredibly changeable and can be incredibly harsh.
  • The Ring of Fire team take the safety of our competitors, marshals and event staff very seriously. We encourage everyone to read all details on our Safety page
  • There are strict compulsory gear requirements for each distance.
  • There are minimum age requirements for each distance.
  • There is no safe water supply on the mountain and it’s only if you’re doing 50km+ will you see a very limited number of drink/aid station stops.  All entrants must take enough food/water with them to remain completely self sufficient for the length of time they may be on course.
  • Entrants not making the specific cut-offs will be transported to the finish area as quickly as we are able to.  We all have bad days but it is vital that you are prepared as you can be for this event.  Preparation needs to include the training required to be fit enough to complete the distance you have chosen.  If your preparation hasn’t been great and/or you are unsure about making the cut-offs please consider dropping down a distance and tackling the desired distance 12 months later.   Ultra distance running does place stress on the body so if you have any doubts, you should consult your health professional.
  • If any planned courses cannot be used on Saturday, then contingency courses will be implemented.  The event has multiple contingency courses to use.  In rare scenarios where extreme conditions do not allow for any contingency courses to be used on the Saturday, then the event will be cancelled.

Compulsory Pre Event Registration

Pre Event registration & compulsory gear check will be held at the Chateau Tongariro ( Whakapapa Village, State Highway 48, Mt Ruapehu 3951) for all distance options.

#1 Present clean dry shoes to the Check Clean Dry team.
(they will supply you with a CCD sticker if your shoes pass)

#2 Present your compulsory gear to our event crew
(they will supply you with a compulsory gear wristband if your gear passes)

#3 Present your ID and compulsory gear wristband to our rego crew team
(they will supply you with your event number and transponder if everything check out)

#4 Review the up to date weather conditions and ask any last minute questions you may have

What Time?
Registration opens at 2.00pm on the Friday afternoon.
There are specific times you must have registered by depending on event option.
Please see the Distances tab & select your chosen distance for all the details.


Why not stay in style at home base?
The Chateau Tongariro in Whakapapa Village offers elegant, old-world charm and is the official hotel and venue for the Ring of Fire Volcanic Ultra incorporating the Tussock Traverse.  The Chateau Tongariro hosts the official registration, awards ceremony & dinner venues plus all events finish on the lawn right outside the hotel. Accommodation packages can be booked online from here in early June.

Check Clean, Dry

Protect our Playground.  New Zealand’s lakes, rivers and streams are under threat from freshwater pests.  Pests like didymo can be sneaky little critters.  A wet shoe infected can spread pests into a river or stream.  These pests can clog out waterways, smothering fish, insect and plant life out of them and making them ugly and difficult for us to enjoy.   Pests can be microscopic at an early stage so you can’t be sure that a waterway hasn’t got a pest in it.   Almost all the freshwater pests there are in New Zealand are spread by people so what we do counts.

Your Gear and Shoes.  Please ensure that all of the gear you bring, especially your shoes, are clean and dry before you come to the event. If you have been through other freshwater in the last 72hrs please use Check Clean Dry(CCD) methods to clean. We recommend using a 5% detergent mix and soaking for one minute. Other methods can be found on of your equipment will be checked before you register. You must bring your race day shoes to registration for check, clean, dry procedure. Clean means free of dirt, sand, & seeds.  Our friendly CCD team will have cleaning equipment for your use if needed.

The entry link to use from 0930hrs on Thursday 1st July is

Thank you to our sponsors!