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This is the page to read if you are considering entering, or have entered, and want to know all the finer details about the Ruapehu Ring of Fire.  Yes it is quite long, but there is quite a bit that you need to know about this epic adventure around in the Central Plateau of New Zealand.  Please also make sure you read our SAFETY page.




Early bird Fees
First 100 only across all distances.
Standard Fees
Start once Early Bird sold out – 31 January 2019
Late Fees

1 February –
28 February 2019

Last Minute

1 March –
5pm 11 March 2019

24km Solo $    150.00 $    160.00 $      170.00 $      190.00
50km Solo $    240.00 $    260.00 $      280.00 $      320.00
72km Solo $    370.00 $    390.00 $      410.00 $      450.00
72km Teams relay $    450.00 $   480.00 $      510.00 $      570.00


There is a limit of 900 people that will be accepted for the Ring of Fire, due to the conditions of our DOC concession,  so please enter early to avoid disappointment.  We will advise when nearly full.

Relay price is per team (not per person).   Teams may consist of 2-3 people.  You will need a team captain for event liaison and one person will pay for the team during the entry process.


Friday 22 March 2019

11.00am Official Event Welcome Powhiri & morning tea at Otukou Marae, Otukou Road off SH 47. Get your tickets HERE

Directions to Otukou Marae click here Otukou Marae Directions.

1:00pm to 8:00pm Event registration & compulsory gear check in Tongariro Room, Chateau Tongariro, Whakapapa Village, State Highway 48, Mt Ruapehu 3951.
At the registration, we will check all of your entry details, check that you have the compulsory gear required and issue you with a race number and transponder for timing purposes. Note: all individual 72k, 50k, 24km ultra runners need to register and show their compulsory gear and ID in person. Relay teams have the option of registering with one team member showing the compulsory gear & ID for each team member. 
There will be TWO compulsory to attend race briefings the day before the event in the Chateau Ballroom. The times for these are 4pm and 8pm. Choose ONE to attend. The briefing will go for approximately 30-40mins maximum. Only one team member from relay teams needs to attend briefing. You must label your dropbags (we provide individualised stickers at registration) and leave your dropbags with us at registration by 8pm on Friday.

Saturday 23 March 2019

4:00am to 4:10am 72km Ultra and relay start from the Chateau (in self seeded waves)
4:05am 50km Ultra Bus leaves Chateau for 50km Ultra Start, stopping at National Park and Ohakune to pick up entrants.
Buy your Bus Ticket  through our online registratation or visit the SHOP.
6:00am 50km Ultra start from the Turoa Ski field.
7:30am 24km Solo bus departs from Chateau to Tukino Road.
10:00am 24km Solo starts from Tukino Road.
11:00am Cut off time for 72km Ultra and Relay starting leg 2 at Ohakune Road.
3:00pm Cut off time for 50km Ultra starting leg 3 at Tukino.
6:00pm Cut off time for 72km Ultra and Relay starting leg 3 at Tukino.
Midnight Cut off to finish the event.

Sunday 24 March 2019

8:00am to 10:45am Brunch at the Chateau.  (user pays)
9:30am to 10:15am Adventurist Recovery Yoga (Free of Charge) Front lawn or Tongariro Room if wet.
11:00am to 11:45am Awards ceremony in Chateau Ballroom.


Check out HERE for more accommodation options.



There will be three aid stations on the course containing medical support, food, water and electrolyte drinks.  The distances between Aid Stations is approximately 24km.

  1. Ohakune Mountain Road located at the MUAC hut
  2. Tukino Road
  3. Chateau Finish

The Ohakune Mountain Road Aid Station will include; Water, Tailwind, snakes lollies, chips and sandwiches.
The Tukino Road will have all of this as well as hot soup and coke.
The finish line will have water and Tailwind and hot soup.

We are not providing cups at the Aid Stations because we are trying to minimise the waste created from the event. Please bring your own cup or cups. Note that we will have water, Tailwind, coke and soup at the 2nd Aid Station at Tukino so a cup will be important. There are some very good silicone cups for sale in NZ.

Water and event personnel will also be available in the 5 huts that are along the event course.  These huts include;

  • Leg 1 – Whakapapaiti and Mangaturuturu
  • Leg 2 – Mangaehuehu and Rangipo
  • Leg 3 – Waihohonu


72km Ultra and Relay

Start Chateau 4:00am
Start of leg 2 Ohakune Mountain Road 11:00am
Start of leg 3 Tukino Road 6:00pm
Finish line Chateau Midnight

50 km Ultra

Start Ohakune Mountain Road 6:00am
Start of leg 3 Tukino Road 3:00pm
Finish Chateau Midnight

The cut off time to finish is Midnight for all distances.  Athletes still on the course at Midnight will be escorted to the closest point of removal from the course.  Note that this may mean reversing off the course.

Notes on the pace required

72km Solo Ultra and Relay : You have 20 hours to complete the 72 km alpine trail, much of which is quite technical. You need to average 16.24minutes per km in order to beat the final cut off, which means most solo entrants will need to run the easier sections.

50km Solo Ultra: You have 18 hours to complete the 50km.  You need to average 21.24minutes per km to beat the final cut off.  Competent trail walkers could walk the entire 50km event and we encourage walkers to enter.

24km Solo: You have 14 hours to complete 23.5km. You need to average 35.7minutes per km.


Classes for 72km Ultra, 50km Ultra and 24km

  • Junior Men 18-21 years
  • Junior Women 18-21 years
  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • Masters Men 40-49
  • Masters Women 40-49
  • Masters Men 50-59
  • Masters Women 50-59
  • Masters Men 60 plus
  • Masters Women 60 plus

Classes for 72km relay

  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • Masters Men 40 plus
  • Masters Women 40 plus
  • Mixed team, any age, must include one female

Minimum age is 16 years on the day of the event for relay and 24km. Minimum age for 72km and 50km Ultra is 18 years on day of event.


‘Protect our Playground’

New Zealand’s lakes, rivers and streams are under threat from freshwater pests.  Pests like didymo can be sneaky little critters.  A wet shoe infected can spread pests into a river or stream.  These pests can clog out waterways, smothering fish, insect and plant life out of them and making them ugly and difficult for us to enjoy.   Pests can be microscopic at an early stage so you can’t be sure that a waterway hasn’t got a pest in it.   Almost all the freshwater pests there are in New Zealand are spread by people so what we do counts.

Please ensure that all of the gear you bring, especially your shoes, are clean and dry before you come to the event.  All of your equipment will be checked before you register. You must bring your race day shoes to registration for check, clean, dry procedure.


We will have a drop bag service which will take your drop bags to the two Aid Stations at Ohakune Mountain Rd and Tukino Rd, and return them to the Finish at the Chateau Tongariro at the completion of the event by 8:00pm.  Please bring your drop bags to registration on Friday night by 8pm.  Make sure the bags are sealed, compact and have your name on them.  We will also provide ID stickers. You will ned your event number to pick up your drop bags at the finish line on Saturday.


The Chateau Tongariro located at the Start line has a top quality Café and restaurant and should meet all of your culinary needs. For event weekend The Chateau Tongariro have a number of fantastic eating options  available.

When heading to the end of the leg one located on the Ohakune Mountain Road, you will pass through National Park Village and Ohakune which have many cafes, bars and restaurants that sell a wide range of food.

The end of leg 2 is at the Tukino Road in the middle of the Desert and does not have any services available, however you will pass though Waiouru which does have basic food available.

Fuel stations are available at Turangi, National Park Village, Ohakune and Waiouru.



  1. Do not start this race if you are unwell or injured.  You place yourself and others at risk.
  2. Do not use Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) (Ibuprofen, nurofen, diclofenac, voltaren, naproxen) – sure to cause trouble!
  3. Drink to thirst. Drink varied fluids, take on food during the race, have a varied intake.
  4. Be prepared for the conditions. Hot, cold, dry or wet – have a plan for a range of conditions.
  5. Look out for each other. If you are concerned about any runner, please notify the medical team.
  6. The race doesn’t end at the finish line. Pack warm clothes for basking in your success at the finish.
  7. Do not drive home if you are fatigued.  Have someone drive you or stay the night at the event.


There is some very sharp looking casual and performance clothing available to buy from the SHOP page of this website.


Click HERE to view Participation Rules


Click HERE to view Compulsory Equipment


72km Solo Ultra, 50km Solo Ultra, 24km  first male and female to receive a trophy.

72km relay winning male, female and mixed team to receive a trophy.

72km Solo top three overall male and female to receive a trophy.

50km Solo top three overall male and female to receive a trophy.

All finishers to receive a memento (i.e. a medal or similar)

There will be product prizes given out before the event to early entrants.


In order to compete in the 72km or 50km Solo you must be 18 years or older on the day of the event.

In order to compete in the 24km or 72km relay you must be 16 years or older on the day of the event.

It is vital that you prepare well for this race.  Preparation needs to include the training required to be fit enough to complete the distance you have chosen.  Ultra distance running does place stress on the body so if you have any doubts, you should consult your health professional.  You also need to have all of the compulsory gear required by the event.  Please refer to the compulsory gear list.

And don’t forget to bring your ‘can do attitude’ – that will get you a long way!


If you decide to withdraw the following applies;

  • Up to 31 October – you will receive a full refund minus $50
  • 1 November to 31 January– you will receive a refund of 50%
  • 1 February to 28 February – you will receive a refund of 30%
  • 1 March onwards – No refunds are given.
  • There will be no entry deferments to the following year or other events.
  • Transfers of entries to other athletes will be accepted for the Relay only.
  • You can change your distance option and/or relay team members up until 28 February at no charge. Any changes after 28 February will incur an admin fee of $40.  If increasing the distance, then you must pay the difference in fees plus a $40 admin fee.  No partial refunds will be provided if you reduce your distance option.
  • There are no refunds on the Squadrun coaching trial.

If you need with withdraw or change category please email Amy amy@rof.co.nz


If the environmental conditions are not suitable to running the event on the race day on the Round the Mountain track, (e.g. high winds, volcanic activity, floods, storms), the organisers reserve the right to implement one of the following options;

  1. Run the event on Saturday, but use a reserve course
  2. Run the event on Sunday on the original course (Round the mountain track)
  3. Run the event on Sunday on a reserve course
  4. Cancel the event *1

Note that the reserve course may be made up of 3-6 laps of a 12-24km course or something similar.

*1 The Event Collective Ltd will make every possible effort to ensure this event takes place. However certain circumstances may arise which means the event will have to be cancelled. These circumstances include, without limitation; fires, flood, storms, volcanic activity, explosion, acts of God, war, governmental actions or non-performance by third parties. In the rare case that the event is cancelled, then refunds will be provided to event entrants minus an administration fee.


We know you want to get as close to your athlete as possible. However there are only 3 access points on the course for you to see you runner – the start, end of leg one (Ohakune Mountain Road) and end of leg two (Tukino Road).  Please note that to access Tukino Road, you will need to get a 4WD shuttle from State Highway One – Desert Road/Tukino Road intersection and a small fee will apply – see Transport notes below.

There will be NO pacers in this event.


Bus ride for 50km start
Departs Saturday 23 March at 4:05am from the 72km start line at the Chateau, Whakapapa Village

4:15am pick up in National Park at the service station

4:45am pick up at the Ohakune iSite

Arrives 5:30am at the 50km start line at Turoa Ski Field, Ohakune Mountain Road
Ready for a 6:00am start time for the 50km Ultra.
Cost $20 (prebook only)


Shuttle ride to Tukino Road Aid Station 2 / Relay change over from leg 2 to leg 3
There is no private vehicle access to the Tukino Road Aid Station (end of leg 2, start of leg 3) due to the lack of room at the Changeover Point/Aid Station location. No competitor or supporter vehicles for the event are permitted to go up the Tukino Road. Those who do so will be identified & disqualified from the event. Athletes and supporters who wish to get to the Aid Station 2 will park just off State Highway One (The Desert Road) at the junction of the Tukino Road/SH1. They will then take a 4WD shuttle bus up to the Aid Station and take a shuttle to return to their vehicles. The shuttle will depart every 30 minutes from the Desert Road between the hours of 8:00am and 5:30pm.
This shuttle service is free for all teams relay entrants and 24km Solo entrants who must present their race bib to board the shuttle.
This service will cost $10 for all other supporters. Purchase through the shop link below or at registration on Friday night.  (Cash only).  Participants in the 50km Ultra can drive to the start line at the Turo Ski Field at the top of the Ohakune Mountain Road.

Bus ride to 24km Solo start
Departs Saturday at 7:30am from the Chateau, Whakapapa Village
Arrives 8:30am at the start of the Tukino Road, then entrants will transfer to a shuttle bus that will take runners up the Tukino Road to the 24km Solo start line. Note this is also Aid Station 2.  Participants in the 24km Solo may drive to the bottom of the Tukino road and part there, then get a shuttle up the Tukino Road.
Cost $20 (prebook only)

Please Drive Carefully!

Buy your bus tickets through your registration or our online shop.



Whilst we will have portaloos located at all the major start points, aid stations and road ends along with the composting toilets at the DOC huts on around the mountain track, we still need to ensure that there is zero human waste left in this pristine environment. So if you need to go the toilet away from actual toilets, you will need to basically poo in a bag. (based on the event you are participating in you will receive a pre-determined number of bags when you register that can be used. There will be enough to do your business and then bag it and place it in a dry bag (optional and supplied by you) that you will stow in your backpack to place in the next DOC toilet you reach on the track network. We know this might not be a fun procedure, but nor are a whole lot of land mines around the course that pollute the environment. We appreciate your consideration and cooperation.

Pooing on the course procedure – 5 step process located at hyperlink below  HERE

Here’s some places to purchase dry bags affordably: BIVOUAC and TORPEDO7

Thank you to our sponsors