Tussock Traverse 21km Run/Walk

Your Event Day Timelines:

Wave A
6.00am – 7.55am. Late Registration officially open inside the Chateau Tongariro
7.12am. Sunrise
8.10am. Final time to be parked up at Carpark 10
8.20am. Buses depart Carpark 10.
9.15am. Buses arrive in start area.
9.45am. Start
11.15am. Course Cut-Off to leave Waihohonu Hut
11.35am. First Finisher Expected
3.45pm. Course Cut-Off at Chateau Tongariro

Wave B
6.00am – 8.40am. Late Registration officially open inside the Chateau Tongariro
7.12am. Sunrise
8.55am. Final time to be parked up at Carpark 10
9.05am. Buses depart Carpark 10.
10.00am. Buses arrive in start area.
10.30am. Start
12.00pm. Course Cut-Off to leave Waihohonu Hut
12.20pm. First Finisher Expected
4.30pm. Course Cut-Off at Chateau Tongariro

Wave A Vs Wave B?
Wave A is only for runners who predict to go under 2 hours 45 minutes (under 8 mins per km). Wave B is for all registered walkers, plus the runners who predict to go over 2 hours 45 minutes.  If you think there’s a chance you’ll take over 2 hours 45 minutes in a challenging offroad environment you’ll need to start in Wave B.  Waves are pre selected by entrants during the online registration process and altered by organisers in the lead up to the event if need be.

Compulsory Gear Required:
A wind/rainproof jacket, thermal top, thermal beanie, emergency bag (not blanket) and fluid must be carried during the race. We recommend carrying a minimum of 2L.

Check out our sponsors, True Fleece Merino for your thermal long sleeve and beanie!

Minimum Age:
Entrants must be 16 years on event day unless an exemption (based on previous performances) is granted by the Race Management team. Requests can be emailed to info@rof.co.nz

Tracks Used:
Start on Waihohonu Track near SH1 and follow the Waihohonu Track to the Waihohonu Hut.  Merge with the 73km, 50km and 32km entrants near the Waihohonu Hut. With 3km to go follow the Lower Taranaki Falls Track to the finish.

The first 5.5km is a wonderful mix of some sandy and some hard packed 4WD trail with small sections of boardwalk, beech forests and a bridged stream crossing.  After passing the Hut, highlights include passing between Mount Ruapehu on your left and Mount Ngauruhoe and Tongariro on your right.  You’ll climb to the Tama Saddle before descending homeward on well formed tracks. The final 10km or so are a gentle downhill past the impressive Taranaki Falls and onto the finish line. Overall, the track surface is excellent and the elevation is quite gentle and would make a stunning choice for your first off road Half Marathon.

Please note: Your last approx 16km is the final 16km of the epic 73km Ring Of Fire Ultra event!

544m Up
392m Down.

Course Cut-Off Times:
21km entrants not reaching the Waihohonu Hut (approximately 5.5km from the startline) within 90 minutes of their wave start time (11.15am for Wave A and midday for Wave B) will be required to exit the event course at the Hut and walk out to the Desert Road with our course crew.  The finish line is closed for 21km entrants at 3.45pm (Wave A) and 4.30pm (Wave B) which is (6 hours after each waves departs). Minimum overall average pace is approx. 17 minutes per km.

Parking and Transport Info Pre Event:
All your bus transport needs are included in your event entry fee.
All bus transport to the start of the event is compulsory.
All bus transport departs from the one location at Carpark 10 (near the top of Bruce Road and the Whakapapa Skifield).  Carpark 10 is about a 7 minute drive up the Bruce Road from the Chateau Tongariro. Carpark 10 will be clearly marked. Traffic management and key event staff will be onsite assisting with your arrival and efficient loading onto the buses.  You can view the Carpark 10 map at pre race registration. Please arrive on time. You can’t get lost – continue to drive up Bruce Road until you reach Carpark 10.

Wave A need to be at Carpark 10 pre 8.10am to enable smooth boarding.
Wave B need to be at Carpark 10 pre 8.55am to enable smooth boarding.

Gear Check In / Collection Info:
Any personal gear (that you don’t want to take on course with you) can be dropped into the Gear Bus parked on the shoulder of SH1/near the entrance of the Waihohonu Track.  Any personal gear dropped to the Gear Bus will be available for collection from approx 11.30am inside the Tongariro Room (the pre race registration venue).

Parking and Transport Info Post Event:
Post event, a free shuttle will make regular trips from the Chateau Tongariro finish area , 7 minutes up the Bruce road to Carpark 10 for you to collect your vehicle. Shuttle operational from 11.45am – 4.30pm (last trip up).

Thank you to our sponsors!