Tussock Traverse 12km/6km Run/Walk

Your Event Day Timelines:
6.00am – 8.40am. Late Registration officially open inside the Chateau Tongariro
7.12am. Sunrise
8.50am. Briefing for all entrants on the Chateau Lawn
9.15am.  Start for all 12km and 6km RUNNERS
9.20am. Start for all 12km and 6km WALKERS
9.45am. First finisher expected 6km Event
10.20am.  First finisher expected 12km Event
10.50am.  Course Cut-Off for 12km entrants to start second lap
12.50pm. Course Cut-Off at Chateau Tongariro

Compulsory Gear Required:
A wind/rainproof jacket, thermal top, thermal beanie, emergency bag (not blanket) and fluid must be carried during the race. We recommend carrying a minimum of 1.5L.

Check out our sponsors, True Fleece Merino for your thermal long sleeve and beanie!

Minimum Age:
All potential entrants considering participation in any of the distance options must be confident of being physically fit enough to be able to complete the distance within an off road terrain setting inside the event course cut-off times.

In order to enter and run/walk these events solo (without an entrant 16+ being required by the event to stay with you) entrants must be 11 years or older on event day.

If entrants are under 11 years and wish to enter the 12km/6km, entry is allowed providing these rules are followed:
1. The under 11 entrant is physically fit enough to be able to complete the distance within an off-road terrain setting inside the event course cut-off times under his/her own steam (push chairs/buggies are not suitable or allowed on the event course). We also want to see younger entrants really enjoying the outdoors at this event – not being dragged around for the adult’s enjoyment.
2. An entrant 16 years + remains with this younger entrant throughout the event and is responsible for them. While there are marshals and medical staff on the event course this event is set in an ever-changing outdoor environment where good decisions will need to be made by all entrants on the event course.

Should you have considered the points above and wish to enter an under 11 year old into the event, your use of the PromoCode Under11 means that you will comply with the above 2 rules.

Tracks Used:
One or two laps of the stunning 6km loop using both the Upper & the Lower Taranaki Falls Tracks, before turning to finish in front of the Chateau Tongariro.

This fantastic loop featuring the Taranaki Falls is recommended for families and those new to the excitement of off-road adventures. This course gives you the challenge of navigating undulating terrain while remaining an achievable distance to bring you through to a strong finish at the Chateau Tongariro.

Up 138m
Down 154m (per lap)

Course Cut-Off Times:
12km entrants not reaching the split point where the second lap starts (approximately 5.7km from the startline) by 10.50am will be required to turn right at the split point and finish the event at the completion of lap one. Minimum overall average pace is approx. 15.8 minutes per km.

– The finish line is closed for 12km entrants at 12.50pm.  Minimum overall average pace is approx. 17.5 minutes per km.

Parking and Transport Info:
There is no bus transport available, or needed for your event options.
Parking Notes: Due to the large size of this event, and the popular nature of Whakapapa Village during the summer months we highly recommend carpooling to this event. As there are time limits on most parking in and around the Whakapapa Village which need to be respected for the benefit of all park users, the event has organised a limited amount of special event parking outside of these time restricted areas for event day only. As you drive up the Bruce Road towards the Chateau Tongariro on event day please drive slowly and follow all relevant special event parking signage, and directions from our event crew and traffic management specialists. The special event parking areas will be on both sides of Bruce Road beneath the Tussock Tavern until that section is full.

Gear Check In / Collection Info:
Any personal gear (that you don’t want to take on course with you) can be dropped into the Tongariro Room (the pre race registration room ) on Saturday, prior to your event .  Your gear will be available for collection anytime after your event, inside the Tongariro Room.

Thank you to our sponsors!