Training with Squadrun

“Sign up with SQUADRUN to deliver the best and fittest you to the start line. SQUADRUN has successfully coached thousands of happy athletes to events across Australasia.  Get a taste of their coaching by purchasing a 3 week $29 trial in our shop”.

If you get a SQUADRUN coaching trial when you enter, pay only $29 and get a fourth week free!  That’s $69 Coaching for just $29!

What is SQUADRUN and $15*/week coaching?

SQUADRUN has partnered with The Ring of Fire to provide the ideal coaching and training solutions for all distances regardless of your ability

SQUADRUN is not just two passionate coaches, it’s a massive running community. It’s people sharing their experiences and supporting one another on their journey to fitness. It is also an advanced training system which delivers high quality, easy to use, programmes for a fraction of what most coaches charge.

Beyond the programmes and coaching support, SQUADRUN has access to special offers, discounts and much more. Thousands of satisfied ‘Squaddies’ are testament to the quality coaching product and complete training package delivered to them.  You can quickly discover overwhelmingly positive reviews online.


How it works

After getting to know a little about your experience, current fitness, fitness goals, and risk factors Kerry and Ali can start working on a The Ring of Fire training programme that’s right for you.  The training is a ‘priority based’ and you are given a series of weekly training runs to complete with the freedom to plan them around your busy schedule.

Not only will Kerry and Ali be there to help through the journey to race day but we’ll share your success on the finish line with the SQUADRUN family and gladly help your family or supporters on the day.

The $29 trial has no obligation, no hidden costs and no set-up fee.  You can begin your training when you want and leave at any time!

To sign up, purchase through your registration or through our online shop.

How long will it take me?

While there are some variables based on weather and your ability to negotiate uneven terrain it’s good to have an estimation of how long your big day out might take.  We’ve worked with a number of athletes from marathons to ultra-marathons and based on 2018 results it appears the 50km takes around 2.2-3.0 times as long as your marathon while the 72km takes around about 4.0-4.5 times as long as your marathon.

The multiplier trends higher the slower your marathon time.

An approximate guide of what this looks like for your Ring of Fire as follows:

For most runners, Leg 2 The Missing Link takes about 1.15-1.20 times as long as Leg 1 The Goat.  So, if you run Leg 1 in 5hrs, you can expect Leg 2 to take you around 6hrs 10min.

For most runners, Leg 3 The Tussock takes about 0.75 times as long as Leg 2.  So, if you run Leg 2 in 6hrs, you can expect Leg 3 to take you around 4hrs 30min.

What should be my training focus now?

With the bulk of the General Preparation Phase now behind us, the shift should be towards increasing STRENGTH, SPEED and SPECIFICITY.  That means the long runs and total volume should come down and be replaced by more INTENSITY and TERRAIN SPECIFIC conditioning.  Think about Hill Reps, Intervals, Fartlek sessions, and getting your eye on technical terrain.  Find challenging rocky terrain or coastal headlands at low tide to work on your balance, proprioception and hone your ability to ‘dance’ across the environment.

Some other key sessions will make a difference to your race as well as some planning and mental preparation and establishing your nutrition and hydration strategy.  If you need help putting the final touches on your campaign, get in touch with the team at SQUADRUN and we’ll help you get the best out of your day.

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