Pre-Event Gear Check

On the 1st February 2020 pre-event compulsory gear check will be available for all ROF entrants at Bivouac Outdoor stores nationwide. This is an opportunity for entrants to have their compulsory gear for the event signed off in advance of the event by Bivouac Outdoor staff via a printed checklist (see attached) that the entrant takes into store. When signed off this form will be retained by the entrant and must be brought to register at the event through a fast track, stream lined procedure on Friday 20th March 2020 at the Chateau Tongariro registration venue.

Bivouac Outdoor will provide a $20 retail gift voucher for every entrant who completes their pre-event compulsory gear check in store.

In summary – the process is as follows:

  1. ROF entrant to go to a Bivouac Outdoor store any time prior to Wednesday 18th March 2020 to get their gear checked according to the check-list of items (see attached).
  2. Bivouac Outdoor store staff member signs the form saying they have viewed ALL of the compulsory items at the specification stated.
  3. ROF entrant to keep the form and present at ROF event to fast track compulsory gear check on Friday 20th March 2020.
  4. All relay team members need to have their compulsory gear checked.

Note: pre-event compulsory gear check at Bivouac Outdoor stores nationwide is NOT mandatory and entrants may choose to do their compulsory gear check at event registration through the standard gear check process.