Event Announcement – Tuesday 8th February 2022

Beloved ROFers, here we go again…

Covid-19 has become the kryptonite of the events industry. 

Victory Events have been heavily affected by the mandates set in place by the Government, with the Ring of Fire being the first major trail running event to be cancelled in 2020… just a few days out from the event.

The date had been set for the third Ring of Fire event on 21st March 2020 and we couldn’t wait! All plans were put in place, entry numbers were high, and then the Government announced that effective 15th March all travellers would need to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival – thus restricting 120 international athletes from 14 countries from attending the event.

The next kick in the guts for us would be Tuesday 17th of March 2020 where a ban of all gatherings and events over 500 people was put in place. We were shocked, you were dismayed, and we had to cancel the event. But we were not going to let it die…

On Saturday 30th January 2021 the ROF 50km was run within the annual Tussock Traverse event, with the intent to bring ROF back in March 2022. Things were looking good for a time, so we forged forward with planning for the event.

Once again entries were high, showing us that you really wanted (and needed) the event to go ahead just as much as we did and we were getting excited!

Then, just two days prior to Victory Events’ Goat Tongariro event, we started to hear whispers of a potential change for the whole country, to the event-restrictive Red setting. We held our breath and trudged forward, and the Goat went ahead on Saturday 21st January 2022. 

Just one day later, the Government announced that due to a potential new strain outbreak, the entire country would be moved to a modified Red setting, effective immediately. We were relieved for the Goat, but worried for ROF. 

Since this announcement, event management has been working hard considering all of the logistics, risks, and options for continuing with the event this year. 

However, the Ring of Fire is a beast of an event that simply cannot be operated under the Red setting. We contemplated ‘waiting and seeing’, but we don’t want to play that game with so much on the line, we never want to be forced to cancel on event week again.

So the most responsible thing we can do is to announce today that we are cancelling the 2022 Ring of Fire incorporating the Tussock Traverse.

What does this mean for you? We’re keeping it simple. 

If you currently hold an entry for the 2022 event, this will be fully transferred to the 2023 Ring of Fire incorporating the Tussock Traverse event on Saturday 11th March 2023! 

If you do not wish to transfer, you can request a refund of 50% of your entry cost anytime before midnight on 11th March 2022 when all remaining entries will be transferred to 2023. Email if you wish to opt for the 50% refund.

We know you will be disappointed, and we are sorry that it has come to this. But we hope that you will take us up on the offer of a full transfer, because ROF will be back, and it will be delivered as intended. Think of it as an extra 12 months training time.

The team at Victory Events hope that you will still visit the Tongariro National Park this year. Get up the magnificent Maunga, take a breath, look, and feel the spirit of this special place. 

We thank our many sponsors and supporters for getting behind our family business with ROF this year and hope to have you back onboard into the future.

So today, we won’t think about what could have been. We will focus on what WILL be happening on Saturday 11th March 2023: New Zealand’s premier alpine ultra and adventure trail event, the Ring of Fire incorporating the Tussock Traverse, featuring an even more diverse and adrenalin rich experience than ever before!

Keep adventuring!

The Victory Events Team


1st February – Event Update

On Sunday 23rd January, the country moved back into the “red” setting, and the rules that sit within the “red” setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework received further alterations.

Since Sunday, we have been exploring all possibilities of running the 2022 Ring of Fire event on Saturday, March the 12th, 2022 as we believe we owe this to you, our valued athletes, who have done the hard miles to get your body in the best shape on the start line.

All registered athletes will be communicated with via email (approx Thursday 3rd February 2022) after we have thoroughly reviewed and considered all available options, and after we have factored in and balanced the feasibility of running the event, what the event experience would look and feel like for our athletes/supporters, and the social responsibility aspects of running the event in the current environment.  Every event is different, and the mighty Ring of Fire is certainly no ordinary event!

Until our decision comes out, please keep training!
Nga mihi,
Ring of Fire Event Delivery Team

3rd December 2021 – Covid-19 Protection Framework update

Click here to read our latest enews which includes an update on the Covid-19 Protection Framework and how this affects The Goat 2022.

16th November, 2021 – Update from Victory Events founder, Jason Cameron

30th June, 2021 – Entry Link Update

The entry link to use from 0930hrs on Thursday 1st July is


27th May, 2021 – Event Update

Victory Events – Events that Move You – are back with some exciting event announcements for the summer of 2022 on the treasured trails of Tongariro National Park, a dual UNESCO world heritage area.

The first event of summer will be The Original Goat Tongariro Adventure Run, scheduled for Saturday 22nd January 2022 (Wellington Anniversary Weekend).

Goat Tongariro entries will open on Queens Birthday weekend.
Powderhorn Accommodation Packages (with Goat Tongariro individual entries) available from 9.30am on Saturday 5th June until sold out.
Goat Tongariro Individual entries available from 9.30am on Monday 7th June 2021 until sold out.

Incorporating the Tussock Traverse
Seven weeks later, Saturday 12th March sees the return of New Zealand’s premier alpine ultra, the Ruapehu Ring of Fire 73km and 50km.

For the first time, Ring of Fire will combine the much loved Tussock Traverse event offerings of 6km, 12km, 21km and 32km as part of a super day in the Tongariro National Park. The Chateau Tongariro Hotel has been secured exclusively as the official venue and designated finish line for all events.

The epic Ruapehu Ring of Fire solo 73km round the mountain and 50km event from Turoa Ski Area back to the Chateau will headline the weekend.

The previously offered relay and 24km will not take place, and are instead being replaced with the Tussock Traverse offerings. We will continue to support Project Tongariro as our preferred charity for Victory Events held in the Tongariro National Park. Our goal is to capture the active energy and unique attributes of both the Ring of Fire and Tussock Traverse, fusing them into an exhilarating and moving experience for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We will retain the unique features of both events to develop New Zealand’s premier alpine ultra and trail adventure running event harnessing the nature and inspirational power of the majestic mountains of Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro.

Entries for the Ring of Fire, incorporating Tussock Traverse events, will open from 9.30am on Thursday 1st July 2021 until sold out.
Exclusive event accommodation packages at the Chateau Tongariro Hotel will open in early June until sold out.
Come run where the mountains meet the sky.

Thank you to our sponsors!